Good Golf Starts With The Proper Grip!

Welcome to Thumb Caddy - A Lesson In Every Swing

 A consistent and repeatable swing starts with the proper grip!

Thumb Caddy is a simple grip aide that that ensures the proper grip and and proper club alignment everytime!

With Thumb Caddy on your club you are building proper muscle memory with every swing you
take.  So take a lesson with Thumb Caddy and FEEL the difference.

And start taking strokes off your game today!


Thumb Caddy no longer sold on website. Retailers and Distributors please email for pricing.

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Golf training aids

The Simple Way To Get A Grip On Your Game!

If you want to reach your ultimate potential as golfer, start with the proper grip. Thumb Caddy will help you maintain a consistent grip throughout your swing for straighter, longer shots with increased regularity. With a consistently square club face you will improve your accuracy and control. Thumb Caddy also promotes optimun grip pressure that will allow you to hinge and unhinge with more speed, which means more power and distance.

  • Create a repeatable swing

  • Build proper muscle memory

  • Take strokes off your game with THUMB CADDY!

Available in the Following:thumb_home3

  • 3 Pack

  • 6 Pack

  • 9 Iron Set

  • Full Set (13)

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Golf training aids


What Our Customers Are Saying

I have a single digit handicap

I could not believe the first time I tried the Thumb Caddy! I have a single digit handicap but had a terrible snap hook and draw. I would play everything far right and hope I didn’t push the ball into the houses! i ordered the Thumb Caddy and immediately saw an improvement! It would not allow me to roll my right hand and it forced me to come through the ball on the proper swing plane.

I am now 250 yards straight down the middle every time!

The best thing that has happened on the course is the muscle memory that Thumb Caddy has produced. Once you get the swing plane down it becomes natural without the Thumb Caddy.

Dan List – Resident of “The Villages”

Achieved my golf epiphany

The Thumb Caddy – A Truth-Revealing Training Tool

The Thumb Caddy helped me to identify my grip and swing faults in a matter of seconds. Really, it’s an ingenious tool. Unlike other grip training aids which required an actual change of grips (thus rendering the club as a training aid only), the Thumb Caddy can attach and detach easily from the grip of any of my clubs, turning my Driver, 7 iron, or even putter, into a training club on an as-needed basis.

The instantly noticeable thing when using the Thumb Caddy


Ramesh Sundaresan
DC Tour Director

The change was dramatic!

Well I had to let you know that I purchased one. I have tried last year to explain to the pro giving me lessons, I have poor muscle memory for the grip & if there could be something that could help me when I went to the range to practice then I might make some progress. No there is nothing out there I have been told. Then I saw the video on your web page … THE LIGHT BULB WENT OFF! This might help I thought. So I went over to my course to get one. As I said to the saleswoman… I am ready to give up trying to learn this game or to find the fun in it… So let’s hope this might help.

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