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Improve Golf Swing – 5 Tricks to Improve Your Golf Swing Speed

In golf, in order to hit the ball farther, forget about hitting it harder… you must hit it FASTER.
In other words, to go the distance, hit with force, because:

Force = (mass-the ball and club-) x (acceleration)

What you control is the acceleration-speed-of your swing.

If you understand how a golf swing works, you will be able to increase your acceleration and improve your golf swing speed.

Here we show you 5 tricks to upgrade your golf swing speed as you never imagined you could:

Use your large body parts

Researchers have discovered that it takes about 4,000 watts of power to produce a golf swing of professional level.

Additionally, they found out that an athlete can produce around 100 to 150 watts of power per kilogram of body weight; thus, to be able to make a powerful swing, you have to use large parts of your body like legs, hips, buttocks and trunk, because these generate more power.
If you want to accelerate your golf club, swing your legs while opening your hips a bit before the club falls below your shoulders during the forward swing.
As you use your large body parts to accelerate the club, create internal shoulder rotation to produce a lot of power during the swing.
If you use your arms, these will swing after the internal shoulder rotation happens.

1. Let go

Runners never stop running right at the finish line when they reach it, because this means they would have had to start decelerating before they got there; in the same way, you never stop the golf swing at the ball, since to do it, you will have to decelerate before you hit it.

If you slow down the club before hitting the ball, your forward acceleration will suffer, and you will sacrifice distance.

You have to let the club go after it hits the ball to maintain acceleration during the swing.

To practice, swing the club without hitting a ball so that you are able to freely feel what it is like to swing beyond the ball and how it helps you maintain the speed.

After doing this several times, try it with a ball, but don’t worry about where the ball goes, just focus on your swing speed.

2. Use a longer club

A longer club lets the club head build up speed during the swing because at the peak of the backswing its head is farther away from the ball.

The longer it takes for the club to reach the ball, the more speed it gains.

3. Use a lighter club

The heavier the club, the more difficult it is to swing; thus, a lighter club lets you gain more speed.

To improve your golf swing speed, change your swing’s dynamic stereotype; this is, trick your nervous system into engaging the muscle strength necessary to swing a certain weight by practicing swinging two clubs several times before hitting a shot that needs distance and control.

How so?

Well, when you swing with two clubs, your nervous system will not have time to adapt to the change in weight and will employ the extra muscle effort it took to swing two clubs, creating more speed.

4. Use a Thumb Caddy

Thumb Caddy is a simple grip aid that helps you improve your golf swing and club alignment every time.

It consists of an inch long, U-shaped plastic device wrapped in a coat of soft rubber that clips onto the thinnest part of the shaft and slides up onto the middle of the grip.
The Thumb Caddy aligns with the club logo or the club face, depending on the type of club, to keep a correct golf grip throughout the swing.
It promotes optimum grip pressure and prevents you from doing the “death grip”, or gripping the handle too tight.

Thumb Caddy allows you to maintain proper club alignment, and with a square club face, you’ll improve your golf swing by consistently hitting straighter and longer shots with more accuracy.
With Thumb Caddy you will be able to hinge and unhinge with more speed and power, resulting in more accuracy and distance. This is why it serves a wide range of golf enthusiasts:

  • - Teaching Pros use it in their lessons to reinforce the correct golf grip technique in beginners and children.
  • - Low Handicappers practice with Thumb Caddy to build proper muscle memory and then slip it off their grip to play a competitive round.
  • - Recreational golfers put one on all their clubs and use it as a full time playing aid to pull off the correct golf grip every time.

The end result is the same: if you improve your golf swing you will eliminate hooks and slices and take strokes off your game!

We invite you to contact us with your questions and comments, and to access our FAQs page to learn everything about the Thumb Caddy.

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We also offer you an instructional video that explains in four minutes how to properly use the Thumb Caddy.

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